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Each of our products is made in the USA, and all of our organic cotton fabric has been certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) through their on-site inspection process.

Our heirloom quality items are manufactured without any dyes or paint. The blankets are placed in a gift box that has been specially designed for Cherub's Blanket. Each blanket is carefully wrapped in tissue, and a small card describing the benefits of organic cotton is placed inside.

At Cherub's Blanket, we incorporate sustainable policies in everything we do. The packaging of the blankets was carefully designed with recycled and recyclable items. The boxes are 100% recycled paper. Please consider reusing and then recycling the packaging.

Why organic and natural?

At Cherub’s Blanket, we believe in providing the best natural and healthy environment for which a baby may develop and thrive. We support the Cradle to Cradle philosophy: all materials should enrich and benefit the environment through their life cycle, as products are manufactured, used, and naturally return to the earth.

The fabric used for our organic cotton baby blankets and clothing products is certified, ensuring the protection of our most sensitive consumers, babies. Choosing organic items for children decreases exposure to toxins and is proven to be safer, stronger and less expensive over time.  Everyone deserves a little organic luxury.

Through our commitment to organic and natural, Cherub’s Blanket also carefully chooses complimentary products made of natural materials, such as wooden rattles and teethers.

We believe in preserving families, and the environment.

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