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Where does the organic cotton come from?

We prefer to work with farmers and manufacturers in the United States for all aspects of our products.  We support the initiative to "think locally" to reduce our carbon footprint.  Quality control is also an important factor for us, and we find that we can better maintain high standards by working with manufacturers closer to home.  Currently most of our organic cotton fabric is made in the USA., but there are a few select fabrics that we use which are only made in China.  We work with all our fabric suppliers directly to track certifications, and attend trade events to check industry sources. Through this, we build stronger relationships committed to promoting and upholding organic standards.

Do your blankets come in different colors?

The beauty of organic cotton is that it is chemical free. By adding dyes, you add chemicals to an otherwise chemical-free product. Even natural dyes such as indigo require chemicals to make the dye adhere to the fibers. The fabrics used in our blankets is unbleached and not dyed, preserving the integrity of the organic cotton.

Are the blankets machine-washable?

Yes, all our blankets are machine-washable. Just like a comfortable cotton shirt, you can wash it in the regular cycle and then throw it in the dryer. There will be a little shrinkage, but not much, and the blanket will get even softer over time.

How are the blankets packaged?

The blankets are placed in a gift box that has been specially designed for Cherub's Blanket. Each blanket is carefully wrapped in tissue, and a small card describing the benefits of organic cotton is placed inside. At Cherub's Blanket, we incorporate sustainable policies in everything we do. The packaging of the blankets and natural baby items was carefully designed with recycled and recyclable items. The boxes are 100% recycled paper that has not been bleached or dyed. The tissue paper also has not been bleached or dyed. Please consider reusing and then recycling the packaging.

Where are your blankets made?

All our blankets and products are made in the USA.

Can you ship overseas?

Yes, we deliver baby shower gifts and baby items around the world.

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