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My Four Favorite Leg Lamp Gifts This Holiday Season

What do you get when you put a woman’s leg and a lamp together?  A leg lamp, of course!  Whoever came up with that idea was pure genius, or absolutely crazy, but it works!  And, curiously, now the leg lamp is one of the iconic symbols of Christmas. A Christmas Story movie, by fate or fluke, is a holiday classic. Filled with all-too real characters, memorable story vignettes, catchy one-liners, it’s a comical satirical narration of real life.  We all recognize the images, too:  the Red Ryder air rifle, the pink bunny pajamas, the large bar of soap, the tongue stuck on a frozen pole, and… a leg lamp.

One might say the ignoble leg lamp has become even more popular than the movie. People love it. Why not give it to the people, then. And, that’s what some artists have done. From babies to Bordeaux, they’ve come up with some clever, creative, and ultimately hilarious takes on merch that features the leg lamp.  Here are some of my favorites.

The Leg Lamp Baby Onesie

Cherub's Blanket Leg Lamp Onesie A Christmas Story baby outfit for the holidays. Available at www.cherubsblanket.comYes, they did. They made a baby outfit with a leg lamp on it.  To make it even more ridiculous, they added Fra gee lay on it. (Facepalm) Yeah, we get it. Babies are fra gee lay. Have a baby around this Christmas - must buy this. Don’t have a baby around? Must buy this for fun holiday decoration. Will definitely buy this.



The Frageelay A Christmas Story Charm Necklace

Frageelay A Christmas Story Necklace with Leg Lamp Charm and Bunny CharmThis is everything you could ever ask for in a holiday accessory.  The quote, the rifle, the leg lamp – perfecta trifecta. Forget the ugly sweater at this year. Wear this and you’ll be the hit of the holiday party. I’m ordering one for all my besties.



The Leg Lamp Wine Glass

A Christmas Story Leg Lamp Stemless Wine Glass


They say the proper way to drink wine is to hold the glass at the base of the stem. I don’t know what they would say about drinking from a stemless glass with a leg lamp on it. I’m totally down for it. Give me a dozen for my next house party.



The Football-Themed Leg Lamp Sweatshirt

Major Award - Crew Neck Sweatshirt

What? Ok, Cleveland.  We all know you are the most team loyal, devoted, enduring football fans in the world, but really???  Hats off, big props, we’ve got to give it up. This is great. All my Cleveland cousins will be enjoying at least this “Major Award” this football season. Glad it comes in lots of sizes.



These are just a few of the wonderful leg lamp gift ideas out there.  I like these because of their creativity, originality, and the fact that they are made in Cleveland by local Cleveland artists, and the movie was set in Cleveland. Only one thing in the world could've dragged me away from the soft glow of electric sex gleaming in the window is the pleasure of shopping these gifts this holiday season. Enjoy, and happy holidays!