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Babies don’t care what they chew on, but we do

From day one, babies are eager to explore the world with their mouths. They’ll reach out for whatever they can find, and in it goes! Hopefully, the thing they grab will bea blanket, pacifier, or rattle, but it could just as easily be mom’s earrings, your dog’s half-chewed rawhide bone, or a green pea that fell on the floor from last night’s dinner.

Though it sometimes causes parental anxiety, this innate act is one way babies learn about the world. Oral exploration of different tastes and textures is also crucial in helping a baby develop. But, having a baby gnaw on the grocery cart handle in the middle of flu season is not exactly a parent’s first choice.

Parents are always after the best for their children, so when it comes to providing their babies with the safest, healthiest options for chewing, there are two considerations – is it safe, and is it effective. Safety includes what’s in the actual product, and is it well-made to hold up. It also has to be effective to help a teething baby relieve their mouthing instinct.

We always want what’s best for our children, so what can we give our voracious little angels when they need something to chew? When considering the safest, healthiest options for chewing, the two most important questions are: “is it safe?” and “is it effective?”. Safe chewables need to be made of high-quality, durable, non-toxic materials. And, effective choices will keep babies happy while they relieve their mouthing instinct and teething needs. 

That’s why we developed the Cherub’s Blanket teething blanket. Made of certified organic cotton, the fabric is straight from nature--clean and pure. Our cotton  remains in its natural color, and is never dyed or bleached--so there’s no chemical residue, finishes, or starches in the fabric. Our teething blanket is a great alternative to plastic toys or products made of polyester fibers that can be ingested by frequent chewing.  And, parents will appreciate the fact that each is handcrafted with quality and care here in the USA.

The award-winning design has three important features. First, it’s easy to grab, with a large, soft surface, perfect for newborn hands just learning to open and close. The blanket’s  small knotted corners are perfect as babies grasp develops. Second, the soft knots provide the perfect biting texture for tender newborn gums, and are durable enough to hold up under baby’s first teeth. Finally, there are three texture aspects to provide additional interest for little fingers in the teething process: the soft, flat area, the firm knots, and the tickly corner tips. On top of all that, it’s easy to keep clean–just throw it in the washer and dryer!  

Click here to read more about the features on our handy infographic, and check out the adorable teething blanket designs we offer on our website here.